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Polybridge is proud to announce that we are now a Cogent Assured Provider. This positive move opens new possibilities for us and our clients in terms of potential funding and recognition of the quality of our delivery.

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 November 2015

This new website has been launched to allow easier access for existing and potential customers. 

January 2015

2014 saw the loss of Mrs Sandra Jeavons, company secretary of Polybridge Training Limited. She is sadly missed, and will always be appreciated for her considerable abilities in the day to day running of the business, as well as her guidance and help throughout the many years we were together.

  January 2014,

2014 sees a closer working relationship with Wolverhampton College mutually benefiting all parties especially our customers.  The increased flexibility for practical training has enhanced the quality of several collaborative courses.

This adds to the already well established venue of ENGEL UK, where Polybridge has provided hands on training to moany companies over many years. Using state of the art equipment, lessons can be reinforced in real live situations creating the ideal environment to maximise the benefits of focussed, well presented  Injection Moulding Courses.


Polybridge is pleased to announce its status as a Preferred Partner to


During discussions prior to PDM, Polybridge & iPolytech realized  the potential in working together, to promote their expertise to a wider audience.
Ipolytech, or Independent Polymer Technology Ltd as its name suggests, is an independent provider of various services to the worldwide polymer industry.
ipolytech has built a solid reputation in many fields; Failure Analysis, Chemical analysis, Mechanical & Durability testing, design consultancy & development, as well as providing Expert Witness services & Training. They have guided and supported many well known companies over the past several years, and are set to continue in this vein.

Success has seen an expansion of their facilities, and their continued growth presents opportunities for partners such a Polybridge to work alongside them, bring new resources and contribute to even greater success.
We look forward to working with ipolytech and their other associates, using our combined resources to meet the demands of these challenging times and support our customers, with this new resource.  
ipolytech can be found At PDM 2014


For the last 10 years we have been involved with  Asia’s  premiere Exhibition, Conference and seminar providers:TechnoBiz -Asia.

 10 years has seen them expand with the vigour associated with this region, however thay have taken great care to keep their "family" of experts on board and not lose sight of their key objectives; high quality industry relevant support through conferences and training Courses.

The Technobiz Plastics Industry Academy supports all sectors of the plastic processing industry. In addition their other academies focus on environmental issues.

Following successful visits to Thailand, Malaysia in previous years,  2013's Bankkok seminars werefollowed by a 2 week long consultation project with the top Philippine company URATEX. working alongside their technicians in 2 of their 16 manufacturing sites,( Velenzuela and Alabang) Polybridge brought its experience to  bear on a number of areas in which Uratex wanted to improve. The visit proved successful and will hopefully lead to further support in the coming years.

Previous Philippine customers include ALATONE plastics whose manufacturing base continues to grow. and Philippine plastics.  We wish all of our customers home and abroad a prosperous 2014.

Training in various aspects of Injection Moulding were covered during the visits, including half day sessions on specialist subjects such as Micro Moulding and troubleshooting. The success of these training courses is set to continue this year with training planned in the Singapore and the Philippines.

Contact Links for TechnoBiz can be found under the "LINKS" tab.

Technical support is also at the forefront of our activities this year, both in Europe & Asia. After attending the TechnoBiz seminar in Ho Chi Minh City , the director of one of Vietnams largest groups invited Polybridge to assist in the company’s development  through  “in-house” training and customer support.

Middle East

Discussions with companies in Oman & other Middle Eastern countries are also underway which hopefully will allow Polybridge to spread its message in these regions.

Polymer & Mould Development

Our assistance  with polymer and mould development, has helped Polybridge to stay active in these trying times. The development of these materials and moulds has seen the Engel machine (shown below)  act as a test bed, where the programs MicroGraph & Microplast have been the source of valuable data on moulding characteristics. In addition to rheological graphs produced from these programs, the data from these trials is gathered  using Production Data Record (PDR) for easy analysis in Excel® format.


ENGEL UK: Training Courses

Now in its 19th  year, our involvement with Engel has grown even stronger. In addition to providing training on their behalf, Engel has allowed Polybridge to launch 3 new courses under its own banner,

Understanding Plastic Processing;

Injection Moulding Theory & Practice

Injection Mould Design

Injection Moulding: Working Safely

Details of which can be found under the training tab.


David Jeavons January 2015