Staff Selection for the Plastics Industry

Assessment helps the employee and employer.

Everyone likes to know how they're doing, so a confidential assessment of  training needs helps development, and recognizes the skills the currently posses. This is useful as a personal milestone, and as the launchpad for further training

Employers benefit from assessments in identifying where help is needed & targets their resources efficiently, maximizing the returns of their expenditure.

The first step is assessment of  the applicants knowledge. The subjects to be analysed form the basis of the questionnaire, as can be seen below.  This will establish their grasp of the moulding process and outline their development by quantifying the results.

Technical questionnaires, designed to probe and identify the depth of knowledge possessed by the candidate, are analyzed, highlighting strengths, confirming previous claims and helping you to make the right choice.

An example of such a result is shown below.