Technical Support

Injection Moulding Technical Support.

An equally important service of Polybridge Training Ltd is it's Technical Support and Consultancy role.

Weekly involvement with real production problems means up to date solutions with a "Real World" approach.

Whether it be optimising machine settings, assisting in new designs, or making sense of why things don't work, we support our customers worldwide, drawing on 40 years of practical involvement in many fields.

This support service has been used by all sections of the Injection Moulding Industry.

* Automotive (interior, exterior & under bonnet).
* Pharmaceutical & Medical.
* Aerospace & Defence.
* Packaging & Thin wall moulding.
* Domestic & White goods.
* Thermoset products & DST.
* Research & Development.
* Electrical & Electronics.
* Machinery & Polymer producers.
* Entertainment & Data Storage.