Selecting an Injection Moulding Machine

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Selecting an Injection Moulding Machine:             Scientifically

 1 Day course: Cost £355.00 per person


  • To allow participants to select a machine confidently.
  • Analyse proposals for machines constructively
  • Control the selection process effectively
  • Avoid costly errors when specifying a machine
  • Eliminate fundamental  problems associated with poor selection
  • Optimise the productivity of the machine
  • Maximise profitability of the manufacturing system

Target Group

·        Technical engineers / Technologists

·        Company proprietors

·        Company Managers

·        Production Schedulers

Content outline

Consequences of selection the “wrong” machine

  • Fundamental Faults
  • Residence time issues
  • Reduced production output  and cycle time loss
  • Inferior product quality
  • Loss of profit


The selection Process

  • What you need to  identify prior to selection
  • Gathering the information to assist in selection
  • Obtaining machine specification p brochures
  • Using the data confidently and matching it to your requirements
  • Example of how machinery suppliers go about identifying the right machine for you
  • Practical workshop comparing machine specifications from

o   China

o   Japan

o   USA

o   Europe

Clamping unit selection

  • Key factors affecting selection
  • Explanation of systems currently available
  • How the work: advantages & disadvantages
  • Identifying your requirements, & where to gather relevant information.
  • Ejection  & core pulling considerations
  • All electric systems


Injection Unit selection

·        Key factors affecting selection of the appropriate size unit

·        Explanation of systems currently available

·        Explanation of technical terms and how they affect your choices

·        Function of the plasticising unit

·        How the “style” of moulding impacts selection

o   Fast cycling

o   Dedicated moulding

o   General moulding

·        How polymers affect the decision making process

o   Basic materials

o   Abrasive polymers

o   Corrosive polymers

o   Residence time

·        Non return devices

·        Specialized screw types: their application & function

All electric machines Versus Convention & Hybrid machines

·        Energy cost comparison

·        Maintenance cost comparisons

·        Case studies

Machinery suppliers service & Back-up organisations

·        Service engineers

·        Training

·        Technical support

·        Application support


·        Robotics

·        Temperature control units

·        Hot runner units

·        Data gathering / recording facilities


Services to the machine

Water preparation & Delivery


Power requirements

Environmental considerations.

 Dates 2016

  • Feb   6th
  • Jun   4th
  • Oct    6th

Location PTIC Telford or Leamington Spa

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Fri, 20 Oct 2017 (Only 10 spaces left) Book Online NOW

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