Understanding Processing Technology: 2 Day Course

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Understanding Processing Technology:     2 day ON-Site Course.

A short course that explains the all of the major production processes, and how to choose the right one for your products and designs.

 The uses, benefits & costs of each process are discussed to allow you to identify the most economic manufacturing technique at the outset of a project. It also investigates what possibilities these techniques may have on future designs as well as cost reduction of existing products!

The course is for technical & NON-technical people who need to undestand these technologies, without being "blinded with science!”

Who is for?

This 2-day course is intended to for anyone new to plastics processing who needs to understand the complexities of the various moulding processes on offer, and decide which one to use!
  a or with very little or no knowledge of its processing technologies. It has been designed to assist:
o    Purchasing & procurement staff.
o    Product Designers; Polymer suppliers.
o    Packaging technologists
o    QA Engineers. Liaison Engineers
o    Management Sales & Marketing staff,
The course will also benefit anyone changing roles, which now involve plastic processes or products, as well as improving their communication skills when dealing with customers, suppliers and colleagues.
Course Objectives
o    To es & materials
  • Allow you to evaluate technical issues & contribute in the decision making process confidently
  • Improve communication with customers & suppliers
  • Assess the value of the solutions being offered
2016 DATES

Download Course Details in pdf format (4pages)

  • To be arranged with customer
  • Everyday terms used in Plastics processing
  • What’s possible with plastic
  • Identifying manufacturing methods
  • Identifying end use limitations
  • Assessing designs for manufacture
  • Comparative manufacturing costs
Basic polymer Technology
o    Thermoplastics and thermosetting plastics
o    Strengths & Weaknesses
o    Material selection
Plastics materials: Basic properties
  • The physical and chemical properties of plastics
  • Comparison with other materials
  • Commodity Thermoplastics
  • Engineering thermoplastics
  • Thermosetting plastics
  • Fillers & additives
  • Cost factors
Processing technologies: comparison application & use
  • Injection moulding
  • Extrusion (pipe, film sheet etc)
  • Blow moulding
o    Vacuum forming
o    Rotational moulding
o    Machining
o    Cost comparison
  • Choosing between processes; basic criteria
 Moulds & tooling
o    Tooling: cost comparison
o    Quantity requirements
o    What can & can’t be done
Assembly Methods;
o    Automation possibilities
o    Welding (Ultrasonic, vibration etc)
o    Assembly (snap fits, screws etc
  • Costs in assembly
Product Aesthetics Finishing & decoration
o    Decoration methods
o    In Mould techniques
o    Plating
o    Labels
o    Mould surface texture
o    Prototype moulds
Cost reduction Methods
o    Identifying cost reduction areas
o    Assessing cost reduction implications
o    Assessing designs for economic production
Plastics and the environment:
  • Recycling-legislation
Future developments:
  • Brief introductionto new materials and processes
  • Rapid manufacturing & prototyping
Location: Warwick or Stafford
Course Fee: £575.00 + VAT per person and includes course notes, lunch and refreshments.
Course Tutor   David Jeavons    download full pdf
Note: This course will also provide a basis for further training in more detailed aspects of plastics technology.

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