Injection Moulding Processing & Design: 3 Day Course!

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 Injection Moulding Processing

& Design:  3 Day Course
Cogent Approved         
Created in response to our customers comments & needs!
Who is it for?
Anyone already involved in the design, procurement and manufacture of injection mouldings.
o    Moulding Engineers.
o    Process Technicians
o    Product Designers.
o    Sourcing &Liaison Engineers
o    Toolmakers &Tooling Engineers,
o    Project & Process Engineers
o    Quality Assurance
Course Objectives
o    Fully understand the whole manufacturing process
o    Identify an optimised process
o    Identify designs for efficient production
o    Understand how design affects mould & production costs
o    Evaluate existing designs for flaws & improvements
o    Identify the root cause of moulding problems
o    Evaluation of product faults
o    Choose the right mould type: how & why
o    Understand how plastic behaviour affects quality
o    Choose the right plastic for your product
o    Identify cost reduction areas.
o    Improve your fault-finding skills
Day 1
Process Theory
o    The injection Moulding Process
o    The moulding Cycle
o    The moulding Machine, types & construction
o    Introduction to plastic flow effects
Practical setting of a Moulding machine
o    Hands On set-up of a production machine from scratch
o    Systematic set-up of the Injection moulding machine
o    Production of parts to specification & within cycle
Day 2
Plastics Materials
o    How polymers affecting moulding quality
o    Processing, effects on different  polymers
o    Polymer problems during processing
o    Product problems after moulding & in service
o    Choosing the right moulding conditions
o    Plastic Flow in relation to moulding
o    Problems caused by shrinkage
o    Reinforced plastics, their effect during moulding
o    Cooling Time Calculation
 Injection Moulds
o  Mould costs
o  Manufacturing methods
o  Mould construction materials
o  Mould terminology
o  Mould Types  & choosing the right one
o  Hot Runner moulds; advantages & disadvantages
o  Cooling, methods & effects on product quality
o  Cores & side actions.
o  Clamp force calculation
o  Overview of CAD & flow analysis programs
o  Prototyping methods
Day 3
Injection Moulding Troubleshooting
o    Moulding Faults: Cause & cures.
o    Fundamental problems in Moulding
o    Faults caused by inappropriate machine selection
o    Faults caused by poor mould design
o    Faults caused by poor product design
o    Faults caused by poor material choice
o    Systematic Troubleshooting Techniques
o    Cooling Time Calculation

Course Dates 2017   

Jan        17th 18th 19th

 Jan       24th 25th 26th ( 2 places left)

Mar        7th 8th & 9th

May       9th 10th & 11th

Jun         13th 14th &15th             

Sep         5th 6th & 7th

Oct         24th 25th 26th 

Nov        21st  22nd & 23rd  

  Location Telford & Leamington Spa

Course Fee: £795.00 + VAT per person and includes course materials, lunch and refreshments. 
Course Tutor   David Jeavons   






Click here to enquire about booking this course

Tue, 21 Nov 2017 to Thu, 23 Nov 2017 (Only 4 spaces left) Book Online NOW

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